New Music Video- Downton Abbey (With My Bros)

Check out our new video.  What do you get when Frat Guys party to Downton Abbey?  Art.

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Free Download

For a limited time you can download our song, “Put it On,” for free at this link

Check out the video for it here

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Here are some funny Tweets over the last few weeks:

They said I couldn’t vote for Obama because it was the “wrong race.” Honestly America, I thought we were past that.

Didn’t pay much attention to the elections, but I DVRed all the attack ads so I can catch up on which scumbags are running our government.

When can we expect Taylor Swift’s album “2014” which details her breakup with Spotify?

Playing a board game with my 3 yr old is like arguing with someone really in to politics. The rules aren’t clear and he always wins.

Halloween: The toughest day of the year to figure out what to wear for Goth kids.

Does this nurse that is refusing quarantine not have Netflix or something?

I like to confuse/offend teenage girls by telling them that Hangin Tough by NKOTB is my favorite song from 1989.

Hard to believe Kim Kardashian and I are the same age considering she’s accomplished so much more in life by doing so much less.

Oscar de la Renta’s death is a huge loss for the boxing community.

We put a lot of work, time, and money into our act and we’re hoping one day to be as popular as #AlexFromTarget

In just under an hour you can watch a live Nickleback concert on Yahoo. Sometimes I understand why the Amish live as they do.

I actually got “Ebola Czar” as a future career possibility when I took the ACT.

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