Comedians Dave and Brian consistently deliver a high-energy mix of acoustic comedy rock and stand-up in their live shows. It's nothing like you've ever seen from any other performance (where else could you hear a 'rockenspiel'?)

Their CD Put On Your Fancy Shoes, released in October 2007, was a long-awaited follow up to September 2005's Call it what you will:________.

The kid versions of Dave and Brian met as roommates at camp where they wrote songs together, choreographed dances, and created skits that made overheated kids wet themselves. They've carried out their performance goals professionally and now perform for audiences all over the country. Not only is their act completely clean and funny, but they also hold themselves to a standard of quality and authenticity as comedians exness.

Consistently described as "truly phenomenal", "cutting edge", "inspirational", "fresh", and "relevant", Dave and Brian tour venues all over the country. Check out some songs on their MySpace page (linked on the left) or click on the "Contact" link above for booking information.