6th Sense Movie Review (Parody)

In 1999 I started a Movie Review career. This was my first and last review.


“6th Sense” Movie Review

Let me start off by saying, that I missed the final 10 minutes of the film because I fell asleep, but I’m fairly certain I have the gist of it. “6th Sense” is the story of a man, Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) who is well renowned in his field of Child Psychology, but whose perspective changes when a past patient (a near naked, malnutrition New Kid on the Block) who couldn’t be helped enters his home and shoots him.

Jumping straight to Malcolm’s next patient we don’t get any sort of story on his recovery from the shooting. I know it’s the movies so we just have to stretch our imagination, but I think even a little of this would help us understand different aspects of Malcolm’s personality and his current relationship with his wife. I guess though if he has to live with it, so do we.

Malcolm is assigned to treat Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), a young man who hears and sees dead people. He grows to trust Malcolm who teaches him to deal with these actual ghosts who seek him out for help. It even comes to the point where Cole exposes a murder with the help of the spirit of a dead girl.

Overall the film moves along well with some suspense, and pretty good acting, apart from Bruce Willis, who comes across as cold and distant. Malcolm is able to help Cole, but I feel like there is no closure on Malcolm. If only Malcolm was dead, maybe Cole could’ve helped him. Anyway, I think the most shocking part of this film is that it has made so much money and gotten such great reviews. I give it a C-.

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